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Assessment at TEC

The following links will take you to our Campus Assessment Policies and Schedules

There you can find information about all courses and their assessment schedule. 

School-based assessment accounts for 50% of the HSC and is a very important component of what we do at The Entrance Campus.

The Yr 12 Assessment Handbook can be found in the "Assessment" section of this website.

The Yr 11 Assessment Handbook can be found in the "Assessment" section of this website.

Each booklet sets out our assessment policy as well as containing details about every assessment task in every course!

Students and parents are urged to take careful note of the materials in these booklets and make sure that you understand all of the information contained in them (eg plagiarism, late submission of tasks, missing exams etc).

Assessment in Stage 6


Assessment is the broad name for the collection and evaluation of evidence of a student's learning. It is integral to teaching and learning and has multiple purposes. Assessment can enhance student engagement and motivation, particularly when it incorporates interaction with teachers, other students and a range of resources.

NSW syllabuses promote an integrated approach to teaching, learning and assessment. Schools use syllabuses, assessment and reporting materials and Assessment Certification and Examination (ACE) requirements to develop school-based assessment programs.

New school-based assessment requirements


From Term 4, 2018, schools will start teaching the new school-based assessment requirements for all Stage 6 (Year 11 and 12) Board Developed Courses (excluding VET, Life Skills and Content Endorsed Courses).


Part of the Stronger HSC Standards reforms, the changes to each course include:


  • mandatory components and weightings for both Year 11 and Year 12 courses
  • capping the maximum number of formal assessment tasks to three in Year 11 and four in Year 12
  • capping the number of formal written examination tasks that mimic the HSC examination to one per course, with a maximum weighting of 30% for the Year 12 course.


Visit your syllabus page to check your assessment and reporting document and support material available.