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  1. Each course at The Entrance Campus involves four hours of class time per week. Students need to complete the equivalent of 120 hours in each course during Year 11 and again during Year 12. All students must do at least six courses in Year 11.

  2. Students should have an A4 book as well as their laptop (or equivalent device) for  every course.

  3. Trade Training Pathway – some students may be enrolled in TAFE for one day per week. All students in an SBAT (School Based Apprenticeship) will do at least one day per week in the workplace.

  4. Hospitality – students should choose the ‘KITCHEN OPERATIONS' strand (if you want to be a chef) or ‘FOOD AND BEVERAGE' strand (if you want to work in a café or restaurant).  Students CANNOT choose both options.

  5. Engineering Studies – students should also choose Mathematics and Physics.

  6. Industrial Technology – this course has two strands and students can only choose one of them – either Timber OR Graphics.

  7. Some courses cannot be studied with another. These are called "Exclusions" and you need to seek advice from your Careers Advisor.

  8. Students wanting to complete a TVET course (studied at TAFE) will have to do this as their 7th course. Please seek advice about this from your Careers Advisor.

  9. Students are advised to undertake no more than TWO courses that include a Major Project or Performance as a part of the course assessment.

  10. Students will be able to enter their initial course choices online. Registered students will receive an email containing their password and instructions on how to enter course choices online. For students at BVC and TUC, this online course choice process will be completed at your current school supported by your Head Teachers, Year Advisors and Careers Advisor.

  11. Student course lines will be emailed to the students school email address late in Term 3.

  12. Classes can only be formed where a sufficient number of students select a particular course.