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School to Work Program

School to Work Program


What is the School to Work Program?

The School to Work Program at The Entrance Campus involves a range of activities intended to assist students achieve a range of vocational learning outcomes which support their successful transition through and beyond school.

School to Work planning is encouraged from Year 11 in line with our Career and Transition principles of :                     Planning – Preparation – Positive Transition.


Key Elements of School to Work Planning are:

1.      School Reports – employers rely heavily on teacher comments when culling students for interview and eventual selection for jobs.

2.      Work Placement/Work Experience – provide students with the opportunity to develop and/or demonstrate their skills to employers and gain valuable on the job experience.

3.      High attendance – a key to impressing employers

4.      Good conduct – improves employability

5.      School & Community – involvement in a range of activities assists with skill development

6.      Leadership Opportunities – embedded into school positions and curriculum to showcase leadership potential


Employment Related Skills

Below is a link to the employment related skills that guide School to Work programs at the Campus.

Employment Related Skills (docx, 55 KB)

Employment Related Skills at TEC (docx, 13 KB)