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Advice from Year 11 Students

What advice would you give to students who are coming into Year 11 at The Entrance Campus?

This is the feedback we received from previous students to future students. Have a read.

* Recognise that it is hard work.

* Do all the Assessment tasks and just have fun!

* Make sure you attend all classes!

* Choose your courses wisely!

* Work out a study plan early!

* Don't leave anything to the last minute.

* Study a lot.

* Pick courses you will enjoy and be good at as well as enjoy learning about.

* Start studying and doing assignments straight away.

* There is a lot more homework and studying involved.

* Set up a good study pattern early.

* Make sure you know how to manage your time effectively.

* Be prepared. Be organised and start work straight away!

* It is very different being in Year 11 compared to being in Year 10.

* Select courses which are going to help you in your chosen career.

* Utilise your class time, write drafts for your teachers to check and give you feedback. Get into a regular study timetable; and be careful not to burn out before Year 12.

* If you are choosing to do a trade, make sure you have a chat to Mrs Giles the Careers Advisor.

* Don't stress yourself out; ask for help when you need it.

* Don't stress about University. The teachers will help you achieve your goals.

* Don't take it like a joke. You need to pay attention so you don't fall behind.

* Ask for advice and pay attention.

* Utilise the help that is available to you. The teachers are so helpful and really want you to succeed.

* Pick something you really enjoy NOT just because your friends are in it.

* Try your best to complete your work and get and gather information so you don't fall behind. Start Assessment Tasks early. Don't leave them to the last minute or the night before.

* Don't think Year 11 is easy because it is hard work! The efforts you make in Year 11 will assist you greatly as you move into Year 12.

* If you choose the wrong course, make sure you change right away.

* Focus on your courses and put all your effort into all of your work!

* Try not to miss any classes because you can miss a lot of information and have to catch up. Ask for help when you need it too.

* Read over work after class.

* Make sure you use the Tuesdays Afternoon Tutorials from 12.30pm in your classrooms. It's a great time to catch up on work and study with your teacher. They even give you extra help in that time.

* Don't pick courses which you have no interest in.

* Don't drop out. Stay till the end as the time goes so quickly.

* Make sure you practise your writing skills so you can write fast and clearly.

* If you do Science courses, write your prac reports on the afternoon you did the practicals!

* Work towards balancing your social life, afterschool job and studying.

* Make sure you are ready for the workload.

* Schoolwork and social life can be challenging - talk to the TEC Wellbeing Team, Counsellor or Learning Enrichment Team if anything becomes too intense or you feel like you're not coping. There are sooooo many staff at TEC who are there to support you.

* Be prepared - it's more intense than junior school.

* Have a sense of the direction you wish to head and stay on that track.

* Don't be cocky; be ready for a huge change!

* Year 11 is good preparation for what is to come in Year 12.

* Wishing the future students good luck. Make the most of your time because it flies!!!!