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Work Experience


All students have the opportunity to undertake Work Experience in Years 11 and 12. Priority is given to class work, in class assessments and exams. Students need to organise their Work Experience placement during a week that accommodates their school commitments. Discussion and negotiation with class teachers is necessary.


Work Experience can be from 1-5 days. It can be for consecutive days or on a one day per week basis. This is determined by the student, the employer in consultation with the school.


Students need to source out their own work experience opportunities. Mrs Giles is available for suggestions and ideas, however the responsibility lies with the student to make initial contact with the employer. A Work Experience folder can be obtained from Mrs Giles which assists students when cold calling employers to ask about work experience.


All Work Experience is formalised by the completion of a School Placement Record form. Signed paperwork needs to be returned to Mrs Giles one week prior to the placement. Students will be given a copy of the signed documents to take to the employer to demonstrate school approval.


DoE insurance applies to students undertaking Work Experience provided the paperwork is correctly completed and approval is verbally given by a school teacher, usually Mrs Giles. Students must not accept any payment whilst undertaking work experience as it may invalidate the DET insurance cover.


All students are asked to have the employer complete a Work Experience Evaluation form. This should be added to their employment folder for future use/reference when applying for jobs or a TAFE course.