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General Information


School based apprenticeships and traineeships are a relatively new initiative introduced by the Government to support young people to gain a nationally recognised qualification and skills training whilst completing their schooling to Year 12. This means that students can combine learning (school) and earning (work) within a school based package – their HSC.


What Credentials Will I Receive?


As a school based trainee/apprentice, students will gain a:

·         HSC credential

·         AQF - Certificate II or stage 1 of Cert III

·         Certificate of Training Proficiency


What Do I Need To Do?


To start an SBAT, the student needs to find an employer willing to accept a school based trainee or apprentice into their workplace. The benefits for the employer are as follows:


·         Worker minimum 1 day per week (available a full week in school holidays)

·         Government incentives

·         Contracts and duty of care organised (possible through the use of a Group Training Company)

·         Supporting young people and regional sustainability


What would my timetable look like as an SBAT?


Your timetable will be negotiated with you according to what day the employer required you to work and your favourite subjects. We will endeavour to modify your timetable to account for the day(s) you're  at work and possibly TAFE. You may have less school subjects to your peers.


Employer Obligations


Employers are obligated under a school based apprenticeship/traineeship arrangement to provide employment for a minimum of 100 days of work over the two year period. Students should make themselves available during school holidays and/or on weekends to ensure they meet the minimum requirements for paid employment.


Exceptions are SBA Plumbing & SBA Electrotechnology which require 180 days and Construction which is 144 days.


Have an Employer and want to start an SBAT?


If you have an employer and wish to undertake an SBAT, collect an 'SBAT Expression of Interest' form from your Campus Careers Adviser.


Where Can I Find More Information?


For more information go to 



Definition of Terms


·         School Based Apprenticeship (SBA) – involves a longer commitment by both the student and the employer.  Stage 1 of the apprenticeship is completed over Year 11 & 12 with stage 2 & 3 taking approximately another 3 years to complete post school


·         School Based Traineeship (SBT) – completed part time over Year 11 & 12. The traineeship is completed by the end of the HSC


·         Australian Apprenticeship Centre (AAC) – responsible for facilitating the legal documentation required to register an SBAT with NSW State Training. Employers can choose the AAC they wish to use.